Socks and Underwear

Socks and Underwear: October 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome Back, Itumeleng

Part Two of my Namibia trip has not been working out as a post. I have been trying to upload a video I took during the trip but I have just ended up wasting time and money over several efforts. So I must leave it for now and move on, hopefully post it some other day. It seems so long ago now!

Things have returned to the way they were in early June. That is, the schools are running normally and have been for a while. They are playing catch-up from all the lost time. I suppose I should say they are playing catch-up even more than normal since the learners are usually behind for some reason or another. There are extra classes which are a nice idea but I am not convinced of their efficacy. For one, the schools tend not to take full advantage of the allotted time the schedule has already and secondly I believe there is only so much the mind can absorb in one day before you need to take a break and let the information sink in.

Away with the negativity though, things have been smooth so far and there are a few more solid weeks of teaching. I was afraid that I would basically have to start from square one with the classes I teach but it was really just clearing away the cobwebs. It seems they were ready for it too and picked things up pretty much right where we left off. The old signs of the teaching life have returned. I have patches of chalk dust on my pants and shirts and regularly find forgotten nubs of chalk in my pockets. The lesson plans, the grading, the teacher uniform, the brown-nosers and the trouble-makers are all back again. But I welcome it all with open arms because I really want to finish my teaching experiment on a high note.

There are parts of teaching I really do like and have missed. For certain, it has been nice to have something to do everyday and despite the old frustrations, it keeps my life interesting. Anyway, this is a restarting post, which I seem to have had a couple of now. I foresee more posts unless another thunderstorm comes around to take me and my technology out again.